Laughter Yoga Workshop

7pm on Tuesday June 5 at Sault College

HA HA HA – Laughter is the best medicine!

As a universal language not requiring special tools or equipment, laughter is an easy way to promote positive well being. This session will teach you how to release stress, liberate the spirit and laugh unconditionally. Participants will explore the benefits of laughter and the workshop will cumulate in a Laughter YogaTM session where yogic breathing, clapping and playful exercises combine in a dynamic group setting. No previous yoga experience is required but an open mind and willingness to step out of your comfort zone is welcomed. If you can breathe, you can laugh.

Instructions to Participants 
Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement and do not eat a large meal immediately prior to attending the session.

This workshop will cumulate with a laughter session. Laughter YogaTM is an aerobic exercise and is thus normally appropriate for someone whose physician allows them to engage in exercise. However, it may be contraindicated for people suffering from uncontrolled high blood pressure &/or heart disease, chest pain with exercise, exercise induced asthma, epilepsy, bleeding hemorrhoids, recent major surgery, hernias, severe backache, major psychiatric disorders and pregnancy. It is also recommended that you abstain if you currently have a cold or flu or another contagious illness. Participants know their body best and always have the control to minimize or cease their laughter activity as they deem necessary.

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Susan McLachlan

Susan McLachlan: As a bright side looker and self-proclaimed optimist, Susan has been described as being intoxicated at living life to its fullest. She is a Certified Laughter Leader and has facilitated workshops at special events and conferences for numerous organizations and corporations across the province. Although she recognizes that some days are better than others, she truly believes in the positive impact smiles and laughter can possess and is passionate about sharing that knowledge and outlook with others.

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